Our Story

EvenFlip LLC was co-founded by Jim Archambeau and Mark Reimer.  The idea for the EvenFlip camping stick came while camping in May of 2015.  After camping my entire life, I was cooking a polish sausage over a camp fire, and, like always, I needed to squat and bend to make sure all of the polish sausage got cooked and not just the top or the bottom.  Maybe my aged knees and back made me think of it, but I wondered "why is there not a camping stick that cooks the food flat."  I brought the idea to Mark, the smartest mechanical design engineer anyone knows, and we did some prototypes that quickly took shape into a simple and useful design.  We filed a provisional patent a month later, June 24, 2015, and here we are today with a registered LLC, a Kickstarter campaign underway and manufacturers lined up ready to bring the EvenFlip campfire cooker to the camping/hiking/backyard/driveway campfire community.  We designed the EvenFlip forks to lay level over a campfire and have the forks point towards the individual to make it easier and safer to remove your food.  It is a practical cooking stick that stores nicely with the adjustable length shaft.  No gimmicky tricks to make it work, just cooking and flipping.